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35 minutes

Age limit/ 3

Capacity: 70

A wordless piece inspired by five of the seven deadly sins, playfully criticizing the obsession with power, money and competition, transforming the sins of gluttony and sloth into virtues. The goal is to restore to the young ones a talent intrinsic to their age: the healthy misunderstanding of the most common vices in the adult world. Thereby, we begin to create little revolutionaries from a tender age, whose task will be to remind us of the elements that make life precious: time, pleasure and hugs. Five stories understandable to all ages, to make a mock of ourselves and have us leaving the room embracing each other.

Concept, direction and scenography Caroline Bergeron

Performed by Catarina Mota and Manuel Henriques

Set construction, puppets and props Catarina Mota and Manuel Henriques

Curatorship and image transformation Caroline Bergeron

Light design Nuno Figueira

Soundtrack António-Pedro — after Maurice Ravel, Johann Sebastian Bach and Edvard Grieg

Acknowledgments Lua Cheia – teatro para todos, Oeiras Municipality, Centro de Experimentação Artística do Vale da Amoreira, Moita Municipality, Elisabete Passos, Catarina Santana and Sofia Figueiredo

Executive production Catarina Carvalho and Patrícia Almeida

Produced by Caótica



LU.CA – Teatro Luís de Camões, Teatro Municipal do Porto e Teatro Virgínia – Torres Novas


Lua Cheia – teatro para todos, Município de Oeiras, Centro de Experimentação Artística do Vale da Amoreira, Município da Moita, Elisabete Passos, Catarina Santana e Sofia Figueiredo

Supported by

República Portuguesa – Cultura/Direção-Geral das Artes e Câmara Municipal de Lisboa


L.U.C.A (Lisboa)


Teatro Virgínia (Torres Novas), Convento S. Francisco, (Coimbra), Cine-Teatro de Estarreja,Teatro AveirenseFestival de Artes Performativas Y, (Covilhã), XII Encontro Internacional de Marionetas (Montemor-o-Novo), Festival Sementes (Almada),Teatro Municipal do PortoFórum Cultural José Manuel Figueiredo (Baixa da Banheira, Moita), 

Biblioteca Municipal do Vale da Amoreira (Moita)

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