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Caótica is a multidisciplinary company founded in 2009 by director-author Caroline Bergeron and musician-filmmaker António-Pedro.

The company creates shows, workshops and films for youth audiences, families and adults.

Creators of a universe as recognizable as unpredictable — where humour and poetry intertwine fiction with reality — António-Pedro and Caroline Bergeron often set out from their own experiences to reach the lives of the audience, creating artistic objects that are vehicles for genuine exchange. The company's artistic singularity is recognized at countrywide, in continuous collaboration with several programming entities (CCB/Fábrica das Artes; Culturgest; Gulbenkian Foundation; Artemrede; LU.CA; Teatro Municipal do Porto/Paralelo) and internationally, through extensive tours in Europe (France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium) and performances in other latitudes, like Macau or Brazil.

This recognition is validated by the MOMIX Award for Best Show 2014 given to “Sopa Nuvem”, by international co-productions, performances in prestigious theatres (Théâtre de la Ville, Paris and Théâtre Am Stram Gram, Geneva) — in both national and international festivals — as well as in events focused on creation for youth audiences.

Since 2014, Caótica has produced shows and workshops, documentaries, music videos and video-installations, featured in festivals and integrated in the collections of different museums.

Since 2015, the company recurrently organizes the International Meeting — Creation for the Youth, promoting a group reflection on the creation, programming and touring of shows for the youth. The company has also organized Festival Caótica in Loulé, and on its 10th anniversary, the "10 years of Chaos" Festival, at Centro Cultural de Belém.

In addition to its artistic creations, the company also pursues a continuous educational activity with children, youth and adults, in close collaboration with educational services or integrating national projects, such as 10X10/Descobrir from the Gulbenkian Foundation, Odisseia from Artemrede/Partis or "Cultura é Educação" from CCB/Plano Nacional das Artes.

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