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The creation for youth and family audiences is one of the distinctive traits of Caótica. Since 2015, the company has organized several meetings between artists and programmers to promote a regular dialogue between the different participants in the sector.

In 2015 and 2017, Caótica organized a Festival and an International Meeting dedicated exclusively to this reality, consisting of a showcase of the work developed in Portugal, with an international component in programming and the presence of foreign programmers, thus creating a space for joint reflection on the specific issues of this type of artistic work. The goal was to establish contacts and a seed-platform that resulted in a manifesto, which was sent to the Secretary of State for Culture and DGArtes, in order to contribute to the reform of the Support Model in 2017.

In November 2019, the 3rd Meeting focused mainly on the national context, to consider certain issues and problems that national artists and creative structures face in their practices, which are directly linked to the creation for youth audiences. The Meeting aimed to contribute for a greater understanding of the specificity of creating for youth in Portugal, while reinforcing links between various professionals in the field. The 3rd Meeting culminated with the intention of founding an Association to defend the sector of artistic creation for the youth, in order to establish a communication instrument for artists and creative structures, promoting actions that enhance growth and dignify the sector.


For 2020, Caótica is preparing the festival AMOSTRA: A Showing/Meeting to depict the panorama of creation for youth in Portugal.

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