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By Caroline Bergeron and Antoine Blanquart

This exhibition was a dive into the vast world of the New Mermaids of Alcochete and the founding myths of this species that became famous with the conference “The Great Invasion”.


In it, Bracilagens (intimate organic diaries of the mermaid people) and Krupes (the mermaids' enigmatic love membranes) were seen for the first time ever, along with very rare recordings of their language and songs, images of their IHC (Intellectual Heart Coefficient) and ABC (Affective Brain Coefficient) and also works by merman Kru, who document his passage through Alcochete and his peculiar look at our world.


Main Diver Caroline Bergeron

Illustrations Antoine Blanquart

Amphibious sound space António-Pedro

Diving guide Marta Azenha

Submarine collaboration Paulo Fernandes and Catarina Mota

Coproduced by CCB/Fábrica das Artes


Premiered at Centro Cultural de Belém, November 2016

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