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video 5 Fábulas para não adormecer

By António-Pedro

Escaped from a Fellini film, Luigi, il principe; Aurelio, il diplomatico; Rini, l'Olandese trepidante; and Antonio, il piccolo capo, have for many years transported us to the universe of Nino Rota’s music for Federico Fellini’s movies. Either as a walking fanfare or stage band, they played everywhere, between 2001 and 2006: from the Torres Vedras Agricultural Fair to Teatro São Luiz in Lisbon, or the Montagne Magique theatre, in Brussels. After a long hiatus they returned in 2012, where they performed, among others, at the Big Bang Festival.

They had perilous acts, they sang and they argued — a lot, they danced the samba, they got emotional! Humour, nostalgia and tons of swing: it was a unique band, capable of making cobbles cry or bring a dead person back to life.


Artistic direction, drums António-Pedro

Clarinet, saxophone Luís Bastos

Bombardino Aurélio Alegria

Accordion Rini Luyks


Produced by Colectivo Sopa Produções

Reprise production Caótica


Bigodes Band debuted in July 2011, in a street show in Quarteira, followed by Centro Cultural de Belém, that same year.

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