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75 minutes

Age limit over 8 years old

Capacity: 200

A Grande Invasão is a conference that mixes — happily and guilt-free — science and fantasy, creating a jubilatory imposture that gently ridicules the way we live.


The lecturer Catarina Santana witnesses and documents — through photographs, illustrations and videos — her encounter and daily experience with a group of mermaids who appeared in Alcochete. In their desire to mix with the human species, the mermaids provoked an epidemic of generosity and hypersensitivity among those who came in contact with them. But from a documented report, the goal of this conference shifts to a cry for help addressed to the audience...

A contemporary allegory about the other and different ways of living.



Concept, direction and art direction Caroline Bergeron

Performance and dramaturgy collaboration Catarina Santana

Light & video operation and performance Tasso Adamopoulos

Light design Jochen Pasternacki

Video and photography participants Catarina Santana, Paula Diogo de Carvalho, Maila Dimas, Vasco Diogo, Miguel Antunes, Francisco Campos, Nicolas Brites, Cláudia Andrade, Patrícia Almeida, Miguel Chaves, António-Pedro and Gaspar Vasques

Special effects Guilherme Pina

Illustrations Antoine Blanquart

Film camera, photos, directing and editing António-Pedro

Executive production Stage One

Artistic Residencies Espaço do Tempo, Centro Cultural Vila Flôr

Coproduced by Fundação Caixa Geral de Depósitos— Culturgest (Lisbon, PT), Centro Cultural Vila Flôr (Guimarães, PT), Teatro Municipal da Guarda (PT), Centre Culturel Pablo Picasso (Homécourt, FR) and Théâtre de Villeneuve-lès- Maguelonnes (FR)

Supported by República Portuguesa — Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes and Lisbon Municipality


Show coproduced within Rede 5 Sentidos.

National premiere at Culturgest (Lisbon,PT)


Fundação Culturgest (Lisboa)

Tour in Portugal

Centro Cultural de Vila Flor, (Guimarães), Teatro Municipal da GuardaCentro Cultural de Belém, (Lisbon), Cine-Teatro Louletano (Loulé)

Tour in France and Belgium

Épinal, Golbey, Thaon-les-VosgesFestival P´tite Roulotte (Mende,FR), Centre Culturel Pablo-Picasso (Homécourt), Festival des Arts de La Rue et du Cirque (Cergy Pontoise,FR), Festival Théâtral Du Val D’oise (Deuil-La Barre, FR), Festival Théâtral Du Val D’oise (Arnouville, FR), La Montagne Magique (Brussels, BE), Moirans en Montagne, Maiche, Héricourt, (FR) 

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