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70 minutes

Age limit / 14

Capacity: 150

What is it that makes us leave? What makes us return? What do we imagine for our lives? Which dreams we stop having? Which dreams we keep?


A cine-performance with live music, where 20 years later, António-Pedro revisits letters and images that he brought from his personal Macau — a city where he lived in during the early years of his adult life, while becoming his own person.


"... a skilfully imagined, impressionistic, well executed and, above all, touching show." (Peter Gordon / Asian Review of Books)

Images, live music, editing and performance António-Pedro

Assistance and editing Miguel Canaverde

Technical Direction Tasso Adamopoulos

Technical Operation Cláudia Rodrigues and Moz Carrapa

Dramaturgical Support Caroline Bergeron and Pietro Romani

Executive Production Carina Lourenço

Assistance Matilde Vieira Reis

Produced by Caótica

Letters Andrea de Paula, António-Pedro, António Vasques, Inês Vasques, Isabel Carvalho, José Manuel Ferreira, Juliana Leal, Leonor Noivo, Maria Bárcia, Maria Gabriela Vasques, Miguel Chaves, Piedade Areias and Rui Gomes

Commissioned by Rota das Letras / The Script Road Festival — Macau


Miguel Campina, Phil Reavis, Pun Ieng Lok, Ivo M. Ferreira,

Adriana Hestnes Ferreira, Nuno Figueira and Ricardo Pinto.

Supported by

República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes e Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Fundação GDA, Fundação Oriente

World premiere: Rota das Letras/The Script Road Festival

 Premiere in Portugal : Festival Indie Lisboa - Cinema São Jorge 

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