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by António - Pedro, Eduardo Raon and Ricardo Freitas

When cinema started, back when movies were silent, there were live musicians who improvised the first soundtracks while being confronted with the images. With premieres almost every week, these musicians started to organize their repertoire by themes — Action, Mysterious, Threat, Adventure, Romance, Tragedy — which they then adapted to each new film. Inspired by this first encounter between music and cinema, composition and improvisation, António-Pedro, Ricardo Freitas and Eduardo Raon are ready for a unique and alien encounter: that of their music with films they have never seen before. At first, viewers choose the film they want to see and the unpredictable encounter of sounds and images begins...

Drums, percussion, melodica, voice António-Pedro

Harp and electronics, saxophone, stylophone, voice Eduardo Raon

Acoustic bass, effects, voice Ricardo Freitas

Host and reading of title cards Marta Azenha

Concept and artistic direction António-Pedro

Film Curatorship Nuno Sena

Collaboration Caroline Bergeron

Costumes Zafu Futon

Executive production Maria João Garcia

Produced by Caótica

Coproduced by

Teatro Viriato e Teatro São Luiz

Commissioned by Centro Cultural de Belém/Fábrica das Artes 

Suported by

República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção-Geral das Artes

Lisbon Municipality

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