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Alongside its artistic creation, Caótica has a regular educational activity with children, youth and adults. Sometimes inspired by our shows, our workshops range from Cinema to Music, including Playwright and Visual Arts. In addition to teaching the techniques, we seek above all to create experiences that enhance the participants' integrated development of their autonomy and creativity.

You can see videos of our Workshops HERE.

Radical Theatre and Dance Techniques for Young Performers

with Joana Pupo

Age limit / 12

Viewpoints Movement and Improvisation Workshop for all ages

This workshop is based on the Viewpoints improvisation technique and can accommodate diversified groups (youth, classes, teacher/instructor/ programmer groups).

Viewpoint and dance

The 6th fable

The 6th Fable

Puppet and stopmotion workshop

with Susana Alves

Age limit / 6


In this workshop we propose an exploration of the contents and techniques covered in the show “5 Fábulas para não adormecer”, by writing a script for a 6th Fable and making a short stopmotion video with puppets and objects.

Writing without words

Writing Without Words

with Caroline Bergeron

Visual dramaturgy workshop

For adults


This workshop proposes a path to the writing of a show whose sources of inspiration are rooted in the experiences, dream life and personal intuition of each participant, developing their own visual language through objects, fabrics, music, sounds and pictures.

From film to music

From Film to Music

Cinema workshop

with António-Pedro

Age limit / 8


A 10-session workshop that includes writing, shooting and editing a short film, plus the composition and live performance of its soundtrack: a film-concert.

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