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KING PAI (2010)


video 5 Fábulas para não adormecer

by Caroline Bergeron


At the entrance of a market tent, Rudolfo the tamer presented us his beast of tenderness, capable of holding an adult in his arms and cradling them like a child. In addition to the adventures of King Pai, he told us some of the best stories in his famous notebook, full of memories that viewers would write about their dads. Meanwhile, one by one, viewers entered the tent for five minutes alone with the famous King Pai...


Concept, Direction and Manipulation Caroline Bergeron

Stories Miguel Antunes and Caroline Bergeron

Performed by Miguel Antunes

Puppet concept João Calixto and Caroline Bergeron

Puppet construction João Calixto

Puppet construction assistance Catarina Mota

Puppet and tent costume Chloé Maxin

Image Caroline Bergeron

Acknowledgments António-Pedro, Catarina Santana, Francisca Fernandez, Nuno Tomaz and Joana Farrajota


Commissioned by the Lisbon Puppet Museum - EGEAC


Premiered at the Lisbon Puppet Museum in 2010

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