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MATINÉE (2007)

by Fyodor Khitruk, António-Pedro and Ana Araújo


António-Pedro and Ana Araújo created and played a new soundtrack for 3 films by Fyodor Khitruk, perhaps the most influential Russian animation film author. Awarded around the world, Khitruk marked the industry by the strength of his films, the beauty of his images and the ability to criticize lucidly in a political system averse to such democratic freedoms.

This Matinée gathered his first film “The Story of a Crime” — a visual and sonic satire on modern times and the wild life in big cities; “Boniface's Holiday” — on the tender holidays of a circus lion who visits his grandmother in Africa; and “Island” — a sociological fresco about the current world, with a final note of hope and optimism.


“Matinée” was the second volume of DÛ, a mutant project of film-concerts directed by António-Pedro, after “Sherlock Jr. + Film Aperitif”. A sort of false trio in which the third element was the screen and what happens in it, this project combined composition and improvisation. In addition to music, special attention was given sound effects, which were also played live.


Composition, piano, keyboards, effects Ana Araújo

Composition, drums, voice, metallophone, percussion, sampler António-Pedro


Premiered May 22, 2007 at MONSTRA 2007, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal

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