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Duration: 60 min.

Age limit / 8

Capacity: 100 (ideal) / 150 (maximum)

“Peça Feliz e Directa Sobre a Tristeza” stems from a vital and close encounter with the audience to talk about sadness and isolation. Two actors on stage with a fridge tell a story about sadness in a happy event, vibrant and full of life. The starting point is the short story “The Queen of the North” and its core issue: how to overcome clinical sadness? — around

which other questions swirl: What is it like to be foreign or different? How do we manage loneliness and isolation?

We invoke the need to look at sadness and depression in the eye, as something that is part of life and urges the need to activate body, memory, imagination, humour and better awareness from others. A piece for teenagers meant for a mixed audience, interested in practicing the things that are worth living for.

Concept Jaime Mears and Joana Pupo (Inspired by the book A Rainha do Norte, by Joana Estrela, pub. Planeta Tangerina.)

Direction and dramaturgy Joana Pupo

Co-creation and performance Jaime Mears and Pacas

Soundscape António-Pedro

Scenography and costumes Caroline Bergeron

Movement training Pepa Espiral Macua

Artistic consultant Pedro Fabião

Youth artistic consultant Caroline Bergeron

Produced by Companhia Caótica

Executive Production Patrícia Almeida and Catarina Carvalho

Pre-production Rei Sem Roupa and Joana Pupo

Supported by

República Portuguesa – Cultura / Direção Geral das Artes, Polo Cultural das Gaivotas C.M.L., Marvila Library and Lisbon Municipality


Joana Estrela, Planeta Tangerina, Elisabete Paiva, Gio Lourenço, Mauro Hermínio and Nádia Yracema.

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