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video 5 Fábulas para não adormecer

by Margarida Mestre


“Poemas Para Bocas Pequenas” kick-started the idea of ​​“Guest Artist” at Caótica. Directed by Margarida Mestre in cocreation with António-Pedro, this poetry recital stemmed from poems by Portuguese authors, from the Traditional Portuguese Songbook and small verbal bridges that tucked in the logic which guided body and imagination on a journey filled with musical and sensorial experiences. The recital would later be turned into an audiobook by the publisher BOCA, and in 2016 was added to the prestigious White Ravens catalogue, which distinguishes children's books from around the world. Another viewing success was the music video of one of its themes, Truz-Truz, produced by Caótica in 2015.


Direction, writing and performance Margarida Mestre

Codirection, musical direction and performance António-Pedro

Scenography and costumes Inês de Carvalho

Writing consultancy Dina Mendonça — specialist in philosophy for children

Special Guests Children from the Voz do Operário Kindergarten (Lisbon)

Poems by Sidónio Muralha, Luísa Ducla Soares, António Torrado, Fernando Manuel Bernardes, Traditional Portuguese Songbook, Margarida Mestre and António-Pedro

Produced by Caótica

Production direction and touring Stage One

Coproduced by Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Centro de Artes de Ovar, Maria Matos Teatro Municipal, Teatro Micaelense, Teatro Nacional de São João, Teatro Municipal da Guarda, Teatro Virgínia, Espaço do Tempo and Teatro Viriato.

Supported by MAPA, Casa do Povo de Ferreira do Alentejo and Entre/Imagem


Commissioned by Maria Matos Teatro Municipal

Premiered January 2014 at Maria Matos Teatro Municipal

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