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video 5 Fábulas para não adormecer

by Buster Keaton + Buster-Pedro + Buster Rocha + Buster Figueiredo


At the beginning of the session, an aperitif film showed us the adventures of two musicians arriving at the theatre. Meanwhile, jumping out of the screen, Buster Pedro and Buster Rocha entered the room and the film-concert would begin. Reduced to the bass-drum skeleton of a rhythmic section, the duo — like Buster on screen — engaged in a frantic run through various instruments, to bring sound and music to Buster Keaton’s “Sherlock Jr.”. “Sherlock Jr.” is one of many masterpieces from the comic who never laughed, where Buster projectionist dreams he enters the movie screen and becomes Sherlock Jr., the greatest detective of all time.


Drums, piano, voice, melodica, percussion, effects António-Pedro

Double bass, electric bass, piano, effects Filipe Rocha




Film Aperitif (2009)

by António-Pedro and Rita Figueiredo

silent, black & white, 7 min. — title cards in Portuguese

Coproduced by Festival IndieLisboa


Sherlock Jr. (1924)

by Buster Keaton

silent, black & white, 44 min. — title cards in English, narrated in Portuguese.


Supported by CENTA, SOPA, IndieLisboa, Maria Gonzaga, CP, REFER


Commissioned by Mediateca da Guarda

Premiered in 2003 at Mediateca da Guarda

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